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Although fairly simple in design, taps can come in a wide variety of styles and with different functions, and each can develop a myriad of issues with use over time.  Because every tap is different, you need an expert who will be able to recognise the issue and be able to either fix the problem on the spot, or provide a replacement.


We’ve worked for decades as qualified plumbers, and have a reputation for outstanding customer service and quality on site workmanship.  We have a dedicated team that’s standing by to fix any tap issues in Australia, and we can supply high quality brand name taps for new installations and replacements.  We can also advise you on the most suitable taps and other fixtures if you have small children in your home, thanks to our knowledge of current child safety regulations and standards.


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Residential and commercial taps


You just have to go into a hardware or plumbing supply store these days to realise the huge variety in tap types and designs that on the market.  The taps in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and outdoors in a residential property will all be different, and can develop different issues over time.  In a commercial setting, taps can undergo heavier and repeated use, leading to issues such as leaks and faults in a shorter span of time.


In general, no matter what the tap might look like or its function, all will have one of four basic internal mechanisms, either a mixer, compression tap, ceramic disc or cartridge.

  • Mixer taps: these type of taps are very fashionable at the moment, thanks to their sleek and minimalist design.  They are versatile in that they can be used in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen, and are known as one of the most water efficient tap types.  This is because the ball joint mechanism that allows the hot and cold water to flow out and mix together can be used precisely, with little water wastage.

  • Compression taps: these were the standard in taps for many years, and are familiar by their two separate taps, for cold and hot water.  They are the cheapest to buy and install, and have one of the simplest internal mechanisms of all the taps on the market.  In these taps, when you turn the handle, it raises or lowers a seal that sits against the base of the tap, allowing water to either flow or be restricted.  Although it is a simple design, there are many moving parts to a compression tap, and as a result they can develop the most issues.  In particular, the rubber washers can be degraded and the seals can wear over time with regular use.

  • Ceramic Disc taps: these taps can be identified by their wide main body, and they work by having two discs of hard ceramic that allow water to flow into the tap via holes. When the tap handle is turned and the holes align, water enters the tap.  Because they require no seals or washers, these taps are hardy, and can last longer than other types of taps.

  • Cartridge taps: these are most likely to be found in a residential or commercial kitchen, and consist of an internal cartridge mechanism that ‘twists’ when the handle is turned to allow water to flow.


Do you have problems with your taps?


Issues with taps can occur gradually if you’re using them regularly.  For example, a small unnoticeable drip can turn into a more frequent and annoying one, or a leak might become bigger and more problematic over a few months.  Some problems can occur if a tap hasn’t been used for a while and is stiff to use, while some others might occur suddenly and cause an emergency.  Let’s look at some of the most common tap issues that you might experience.


Seized or stuck taps

A tap that’s seized or stuck is one that won’t turn on, no matter how hard you try and move the handle.  This can obviously be a major issue, especially if the tap is located in an important area, such as a bathroom, kitchen, laundry or outdoors.  Some taps that have seized may turn on, but you might struggle to turn them off properly, leading to leaking or even a heavy flow of water that can’t be stopped.  Generally a stuck tap may be caused by a build-up of calcium from water around the spindle.  Washers can also rust over time, causing taps to jam.  Generally, depending on the age and issue, a completely seized tap will be replaced.


Leaking or dripping tap

A dripping or leaking tap can be one of life’s most annoying household problems, especially if it is in a prominent place around the home.  A dripping tap will also never just fix itself, so ignoring it hoping that the issue will go away is not a good solution.  In general, a dripping or leaking tap may mean that the washers are damaged or worn and should be replaced, or in a tap without washers (such as a cartridge or ceramic disc tap), the moving parts or seals  may also be damaged in some way.


Noisy taps

When you turn on or turn off your tap, and it starts to make unusual sounds, you’ll know that you have an issue either with the tap itself or in the pipework.  You might be surprised to learn that some taps are unsuitable for certain fittings, and this can cause grinding or banging sounds.  Some tap noise is caused by badly fitted or unseated washers, the formation of scale, or other plumbing design problems.  Noisy pipework – also known as water hammer –  can be very common and can sound like a tapping or loud banging in the walls or floors when the tap is turned on.  This is usually the sound of shockwaves reverberating down the pipes after a tap has been shut off or turned on quickly.  It can mean that the pipes are unseated or banging against internal parts of the walls or floors.


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Replacing your old or faulty taps is easy


You might be tempted to leave a dripping or leaking tap until later to get fixed, however you should be aware of the amount of money you are wasting as well as the environment cost.  Experts have suggested that even a moderately leaking tap can waste around thirty thousand litres of water over the period of a year.  Taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude towards tap maintenance can also be more costly in the long run, as faulty internal mechanisms can cause more damage to the tap if left for any length of time.   This can mean that instead of just having the cost of replacing a washer or a seal, you may need to pay to have the entire tap replaced with a new one.  It can also mean you’re putting your property at risk from damage in the event of a major issue or even an emergency from badly neglected taps.

Fixing leaking, dripping, seized or faulty taps is our speciality, and our team of dedicated plumbers will solve any issue you’re having, quickly, efficiently and professionally.  We provide a full service plumbing service, so can help you with:

  • The repair, installation and ongoing maintenance of all tapware

  • Tap re-seating

  • 24 hour emergency tap repairs

  • Water wise solutions for residential and commercial properties

  • The diagnosis of common issues such as water hammer

  • Kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations


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