Is your toilet leaking? Do you have a blocked toilet? Is your entire toilet suite or cistern in need of replacement or any kind of repair?

Your toilet can be repaired or replaced today!


Our 24 hour, 7 day service will allow us to repair or replace your entire toilet suite, or simply just replace or repair your cistern, at a convenient time for you.

Shoreline Plumbing technicians carry an extensive assortment of parts to repair and service most commonly used makes and models of toilet suites.

Our plumbers carry toilet suites, cisterns, cistern cocks, ball valves, and most cistern rubbers, this means that in most cases we can fix your toilet on the spot!

Shoreline Plumbing can help with all your toilet plumbing needs including:

- BLOCKED TOILETS: We can unblock your toilet fast, and for more complicated issues down your sewer line, Shoreline Plumbing has the latest diagnostic and cleaning technology to solve even the most complicated of blockages.

- TOILET REPAIRS:  If your toilet won't flush, or won't stop running, Shoreline Plumbing can help you with a simple solution, or suggest an upgrade.

- LEAKING TOILETS: If you think your toilet is leaking it's important to get it checked, as undiagnosed water leaks can cause serious and expensive damage to your property if left unrepaired.

- TOILET UPGRADES: For installation of the latest in toilet designs, water saving and great, clean flushing performance, Shoreline Plumbing can help with suggestions and advice, all backed up by a signed, written warranty.

For all your toilet plumbing, call and speak with Shoreline Plumbing today.