Renovating your bathroom?


There are a number of factors to take into consideration before you start renovating your bathroom.  Finding a plumber with the knowledge and experience of renovating is key to ensuring the project runs smoothly and under budget. Our plumbers at Shoreline have been renovating bathrooms for a number of decades and have the vision for superb results.


Planning is key for a successful bathroom


Planning is key to success for any bathroom renovations that include a deadline and specific requirements.  Being without a bathroom whilst the project is taking place means that you must plan ahead as most bathroom renovations can take anywhere from a week to 2 weeks. Therefore you need to think of ways to minimize disruption to the home or workplace. If you contact one of our experienced plumbers from Shoreline, they will be able to properly manage the project at hand and organize other trades such as tiling and plastering to ensure everything runs smoothly and is nicely time managed.  However if you decide to tackle this on your own then you need to be aware of all the requirements needed and problems to avoid.


Redesigning the bathroom layout


Times have changed and there are big differences between the bathrooms from the old days to those today. In older homes most bathrooms where designed with showers over baths which are really awkward. Todays designs are much more innovative as we have a wider range of materials and products readily available. Keep in mind that if you are wanting to change the locations of your bathroom products then you must have the corresponding plumbing moved to suit. If you have more room to work with then you could consider options such as installing a bath to take advantage of a great view. So talk to a plumber from Shoreline if you are after some expert advice and service you can depend on for bathroom renovations.   


Fixtures and fittings


Choosing new fixtures and products for your new bathroom is the most exciting stage to your renovation.  This is something you can not jump straight into ad you need to check with your plumber for the right specifications to ensure the product or fixture is installed correctly.  Not all products and fixtures with fit within your requirements so it is important your planning is key to ensure you do not waste money on expensive items.  If you want to see some products in action, head to your local plumbing display store.  Some fixtures can look good such as expensive shower heads and taps, although they can be extremely hard to repair and be a plumbers nightmare in the future so it is recommended to avoid these products.


Design for the future


One of the greatest mistakes people usually make when renovating their bathroom is filling it with many new colours and trends only to find that it looks really out dated in the future. Its important to design your bathroom to look modern for the future as bathrooms can be an extremely pricey project.  If you have decided to sell your property, design a bathroom that will appeal to many people and not just a personal design statement.


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