Gas Pipes

When it comes to installing or repairing gas lines in Australia, you can depend on the professionalism, expertise and experience you receive from Shoreline. 

Already trusted in tens of thousands of homes across Australia for over 20 years, Shoreline works to provide you with a level of service which is second-to-none. 
Shoreline Plumbing can help with all your gas line needs including:

- GAS HEATING: Installing gas heating in your home, and repairs to gas heating lines.

- GAS OVENS: Enjoy cooking with gas with our professional gas oven installations.

- GAS HOT WATER: Endless instant hot water can be available with a continuous flow gas hot water heater installation from Shoreline Plumbing.

- BARBECUES: Relax with summer outdoor entertaining on your new outdoor gas barbecue connection.

- GAS LEAKS: If you suspect a gas leak call us as an emergency.  Shoreline Plumbing are experienced gas safety experts.

- NEW GAS LINES & REPAIRS: If you're adding or extending a gas line to your home.

For all your gas heating, cooking and hot water needs in the byron bay area, call and speak with the experts from Shoreline Plumbing today.