Drains & Sewer


For fast, same day service for your drain and sewer needs, call and speak with the experts from Shoreline Plumbing today.  No other company in Australia offers the great value, service and technology for solving your drain and sewer plumbing issues. 


With up-front pricing, over 30 years experience, and satisfaction guaranteed service, it's drain cleaning and repairs with a level of care and attention which is second-to-none. 

blocked drains

Blocked Drains are extremely undesirable and a major inconvenience in your home. Often they can be caused by an excess build-up of hair, grease and food waste. Usually a blocked drain will be seen by the drain bubbling up or waste coming up through other drains. This can be water or sewerage waste. For sewerage it’s extremely unhygienic and a major health hazard. Blocked drains can also often also be caused by tree roots and other external factors. Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing can attend anytime, anywhere to get you out of strife right away. We utilise a variety of methods for clearing these blockages.

blocked sewers

A Blocked Sewer will be treated in much the same way as a Blocked Drain however a far higher priority will be placed on rectification. Blocked Sewers can often be detected by smells coming up from various drains, toilets, sinks & inspection openings.

In extreme cases, there may be gurgling in the toilet when flushed or raw sewerage coming up various drains, outside in your yard or overflowing over the toilet.

Raw sewerage in enclosed spaces even in the air is a major health hazard and can cause extreme sickness especially around children and the elderly.

If your toilet begins to gurgle or fails to flush correctly you need to call 0478645704 immediately.


We will prioritise your Emergency Response over all others. If required we can also assist with Sewer Relining and excavation to resolve these issues.