Hot Water Systems - Coolangatta

Hot water systems are a necessary appliance for all domestic and commercial premises within the Coolangatta region. There is a wide selection of water systems to choose from and this can make it a difficult task when choosing the right system for you. Shoreline plumbers have over 30 years’ experience in advising and installing the perfect system to suit your home or business. We consider the important factors when picking the correct unit.


Key Factors:
- How many people live in the home
- How many bathrooms in the home
- Lifestyle
- Age groups
- Space considerations for indoor and outdoor
- Service access
- Power source
- Unit efficiency and installation costs


There are many different types of systems that can be installed:
- Electric storage
- Electric Instantaneous
- Gas storage
- Gas Instantaneous

Electric Storage units in Coolangatta are common in small homes and office locations with restrictions. Where gas is not available or too costly to install or the property has solar electric panels generating power an electric unit is the most effective system to install. The advantage of an electric unit is no clearance is needed so the unit can be placed almost anywhere. Bigger Electric units are available in Coolangatta to cater for commercial properties and larger houses.

Electric Instantaneous units in Coolangatta are much smaller systems and are normally found in small houses and offices where there is less of a demand for hot water. The advantage of this unit is it does not require a cold relief valve which makes it a lot cheaper to install when building new properties in Coolangatta.

Gas Storage units are quite popular in Coolangatta and are cheaper to install than the instantaneous systems. These units come in a range of capacity sizes and efficiency star ratings – 4 to 6 stars. How efficient a unit is depends on its energy consumption and its rate of recovery. We advise you of the differences and help you to choice a system that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Gas Instantaneous units are the most popular system installed in the Coolangatta region. The installation of these units require a larger gas supply and hot and cold water pipe which requires more work and so the cost to install in higher than other units. However, this system is more efficient to run as the water is heated instantaneously and so the gas is used only when needed. Another advantage of this unit is less clearance is need and the unit is more compact. Some Coolangatta Instantaneous units require an external power point and so an electrician maybe necessary for the install of this system.